Iulia Lacau-Rodean

Iulia Lacau-Rodean

Iulia has steadily progressed since moving from to Canada. Iulia is turning 22 later this year, and will be making her first Olympiad appearance in September. Below is her bio, provided by her.

Iulia Lacau-Rodean

  • Born in Romania in 1988
  • Learned to play chess at the age of 6
  • Competed at the National Romanian Youth Chess Championships with 6 medals (including gold) during the years of 1998- 2003
  • Represented Romania in 2 World Chess Championships (best result: 17th)
  • Represented Romania in 3 European Chess Championships (best result: 12th)
  • Moved to Canada at the age of 18
  • 4th at the National Women’s Chess Championship in 2007, 5th in 2009
  • Won 1st place with Cameron Heights in the Ontario High-School Chess Championship, 3rd place in individual competition (Peterborough, 2007)
  • 2nd at the Guelph Pro Am Grand Prix Section Under 2100 (2008)
  • bronze at the Canadian Post-Secondary Chess Championship as part of the University of Waterloo team in Toronto, 2010
  • Selected to play 3rd board for Canada at the 2010 Olympiad
  • currently ranked 6th female in Canada by CFC rating: 2031 (FIDE 2024)
  • Performed a simul to raise funds for the Women’s Olympic Team in May 2010, during the Ontario Youth Chess Championship

Away from the Board

  • 3rd year student at Wilfrid Laurier University and University of Waterloo in the Honours Business and Mathematics double degree program with co-op
  • working part-time at a Wilfrid Laurier University research centre
  • Planning to obtain Chartered Accountant (CA) designation and work in the field of financial auditing

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