Thomas Roussel-Roozmon

Photo: copyright 2008 Thomas Roussel-Roozmon.

Over the years, I have gotten to know Thomas quite well. It definitely helped that we are both born in 1988, so we got to compete against each other in youth championships early. Today, Thomas is probably the most solid player in Canada. Thomas very rarely loses, especially with white. Due to this,  there is no question that he is the right choice for second board. Thomas started playing on the Olympic team in 2006, and this will be his third outing for the national team. Thomas gained much of his experience, a lot like me,  in the Montreal International events organized by Andre Langois. These experiences make Thomas the second most experienced player on the team. Experience goes a long way at Olympiads, where the pressure is the highest. Thomas is a great team player, and willingly (at least I think it’s willingly) takes a lot of blacks for the good of the team. Now that Thomas bounced up to second board there will not be much of a choice with whites or blacks as there is on the lower boards. Currently, Thomas is studying in university, making his time for chess quite limited. Below are only some of his accomplishments:

  • 2010 Selected Canada’s Olympiad National Team
  • 2008 Represented Canada at Olympiad
  • 2008 1st place, First Saturday Grand Master March, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2007 Grandmaster Norm at Quebec Open
  • 2007 2nd place, Quebec Open Championship
  • 2006 Represented Canada at Olympiad
  • 2004 Awarded International Master title
  • 2003 Canadian Grade 10 Champion
  • 2002 Canadian Grade 9 Champion
  • 2000 Represented Canada at World Under-12 Championship (9th place)
  • 2000 Canadian Under-12 Champion
  • 2000 Canadian Grade 7 Champion

copyright David Cohen 2000-10.


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