Yuanling Yuan

Photo by Erik Malmsten.

I met Yuanling at the 2008 Olympiad. She was the most mature 14 year old I have ever met. Since then, Yuanling has started the “Chess in the Library” program, which is a great thing for the image and publicity of chess. Today, Yuanling is the strongest women’s chess player in Canada. Her potential is nowhere near fulfilled, and I believe that if the desire and the commitment is there, she can make the women’s world Elite. Yuanling is already the highest rated Canadian female of all time! She is only on her way up. Watch out for this girl. Yuanling is probably the most active player on the team, having played 12 CFC rated events in 2009! Yuanling appears highly competitive and never quite satisfied with her results. The perfect attitude for a chess player!

Check out her own blog at: http://yuanlingyuan.blogspot.com/

Some of her accomplishments from David Cohen’s site are below.

  • 2010 Selected Canada’s Olympiad Women’s Team
  • 2009 Top rated female Canadian at Year-end
  • 2009 Awarded Woman International Master title
  • 2008 Top rated female Canadian at Year-end
  • 2008 Represented Canada at Women’s Olympiad
  • 2008 Awarded Woman FIDE Master title
  • 2008 Woman International Master Norm, 12th North American FIDE Invitational, Chicago, USA
  • 2008 2nd place, Pan-American Women’s Championship; Woman International Master Norm
  • 2007 Toronto Junior Champion
  • 2007 Ontario High School Champion (while in Grade 7)
  • 2007 Toronto High School Champion (while in Grade 7)
  • 2003 Represented Canada at World Girls Under-10 Championship, 10th place
  • 2003 Canadian Girls Under-10 Champion

Copyright David Cohen 2000-10.


One Response to Yuanling Yuan

  1. Janet Newton says:

    Goddesschess is very pleased that WIM Yuanling has confirmed her participation in the 2010 City of Montreal Open Chess Championships that will be held in Montreal September 10-12, 2010. Goddesschess has provided sponsorship for the Championnat since 2009 aimed at encouraging more girls and women to participate in the event by offering special class prizes for female chess players in the tournament as well as providing financial assistance in obtaining the appearance of one or more female chess players who can serve as role models for aspiring young female players. We wish her luck in the 2010 Championnat as well as in the upcoming 2010 Olympiad!

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