Dina Kagramanov

Photo: copyright 2008 by Dina Kagramanov.

I played Dina in my first Canadian tournament, in August 1999. I have known her since. Dina is the current Canadian women’s champion, winning the title in 2009. Dina is a tactical and attacking player by nature. Some people don’t like the big stage of Olympiads, but Dina thrives at them, scoring well in the 2002 and 2008 Olympiads. Much like other up and coming juniors in Canada, Dina has been very limited in her playing time due to university. Dina has just finished her undergraduate degree at York University. Dina fully deserves to be on second board, and is the most experienced player on the women’s team. Amusingly, Dina is the oldest player on both teams, turning 24 during the Olympiad! Dina could be the X-factor for the women’s team, since she has the ability to beat anybody with her sharp tactical eye. This was best shown in her first round game against Georgia at the 2002 Olympiad, where she got a winning position but the Georgian star held onto a lucky draw. The Kagramanov family should be proud in having produced 40% of the women’s team.

Below is a list of some of Dina’s achievements:

  • 2010 Selected Canada’s Olympiad Women’s Team
  • 2009 Awarded Woman International Master title
  • 2009 Canadian Women’s Champion
  • 2008 Represented Canada at Women’s Olympiad
  • 2006 Tied first place Canadian and Ontario Women’s Championship
  • 2005 Toronto Women’s Champion
  • 2004 Awarded Woman FIDE Master title
  • 2004 Ontario Girls Under-18 Champion
  • 2003 Canadian Girls Under-18 Champion
  • 2002 Represented Canada at Women’s Olympiad; Woman International Master Norm
  • 2002 Ontario Women’s Champion
  • 2000 Represented Canada World Girls Under-14 Championship
  • 1999 Represented Canada World Girls Under-18 Championship
  • 1998 Represented Canada World Youth Rapid Girls Under-12 Championship

Copyright David Cohen 2000-10.



One Response to Dina Kagramanov

  1. Are you the woman who played an eight year old black girl in Russia? You won but you said that she was very good for her age.

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