2010 Canadian Open

The Canadian Open is one of the two strongest annual Swiss tournaments in Canada. Only the Quebec Open offers competition. In recent years, organizers in Edmonton and Ottawa have brought more prestige to the event, attracting world famous names such as Shirov, Ivanchuk, Bologan, Adams, Short, Bu, etc. The Canadian Open is a great tradition.

This year, the organizers of the Canadian Open have been able to attract 8 GMs so far, with Harikrishna and and Bareev topping the field. The event will be held in Toronto between July 10th and 18th. Harikrishna is currently the #3 player in India, and is well known world-wide. Bareev is a well known player, having played on the Russian (!) Olympic team in 2006. He has been playing with the world elite for many years. Bareev also played in the Canadian Open held in Kitchener, in 2006.

This year’s event will be a special one, with unprecedented (to my knowledge) sectional prizes. Prizes for under 2400, 2200, 2000, 1800, 1600 and 1400 will be $1000, $500 and $250 for each section! You can fight for these prizes and hope to play against the titled players all at the same time in this one section event. The titled players will be fighting for a first prize of $6500!

I won the Canadian Open last year, in Edmonton. It is very disappointing to not be able to defend my title in this year’s event. The only reason I will not be playing is due to my university commitments. I will be doing a simultaneous exhibition on July 11th to help support the event. All proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Olympic Team.

I hope you will be able to attend the Canadian Open this year. It will surely be a memorable one held at the luxurious Westin Harbour Castle Hotel. It’s great to see the event coming back to Toronto. For details, check out the website at:




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