Leonid Gerzhoy

Photo: Copyright 2008 by the photographer David Cohen.

I met Leonid at the age of 7, in 1995. We each have a highly competitive nature, and our battles were always fierce. I competed with Leonid every second year in the Israeli Youth Championship, since he is a year older than me. We dominated our age groups. We both lived in Haifa, which made our battles more frequent as we went to the same chess club. We were enemies at the board, but friends away from it. We played at the World Youth Chess Championship together as well. We even had the same coach, Mark Ruderfer, for some time. In 1999 I moved to Canada. In 2005, Leonid followed suit. There is no question that living in Israel, a nation where chess is very popular, was advantageous to his (and my) career. The constant presence of strong GMs such as Gelfand, Sutovsky, Smirin and many others makes all tournaments more interesting. Leonid is more of a positional player, but does not lack tactical vision either. He has been playing a lot more recently and is the most active player on the team in international events. Recent times have shown improvement  in results in Sarajevo and Moscow. Leonid can be solid and does not feel uncomfortable playing against GMs. Leonid is turning 23 this year and he is the oldest player on the national team! This will be his first Olympiad.

  • 2010 Selected Canada’s Olympiad National Team
  • 2009 Represented Canada at Pan-American Championship
  • 2009 Grandmaster Norm, World Open, Philadelphia, USA
  • 2008 2nd place, Jessie Gilbert Celebration International, Coulsdon, England
  • 2007 Canadian Junior Champion
  • 2006 2nd place Canadian Championship
  • 2005 Arrived Canada
  • 2002 International Master

Copyright David Cohen 2000-10.



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