Artiom Samsonkin

Photo: copyright 2008 by the photographer David Cohen.

In 2007, a Belarusian invaded Canada and decided to take over the chess tournaments that take place in the GTA. His name is Artiom Samsonkin. Artiom has a disturbingly large difference between his CFC and FIDE ratings. Artiom’s CFC rating is currently 2600, while his FIDE rating is under 2400. The difference between the ratings can be partially explained by his lack of exposure to international competitions, and the large inflation that has occurred to CFC ratings lately. To compensate for the lack of international events, Artiom plays A LOT of local tournaments. In 2009, I counted 18 (!) tournaments that he played in. International experience will be highly beneficial for him. This is exactly what will he will get at the Olympiad, a chance to show himself on the world stage. This will be his first Olympiad. Artiom is a tactical player who can play with anybody in sharp positions. This was shown in his crushing victory against Hikaru Nakamura, one of the world’s best players. The game can be seen at

Artiom’s style suits the 4th board more than the higher ones due to his very aggressive style. His style can pay off in close matches which are decided on the bottom boards. He will be counted on to collect a lot of points. Below are some of his accomplishments:

  • 2010 Selected Canada’s Olympiad National Team
  • 2008 Canadian Junior Champion
  • 2007 1st place, Canadian Championship
  • 2007 International Master
  • 2007 Arrived Canada from Belarus
  • 2004 Belarus Under 16 Champion
  • 2001 1st place, Under 2200 (Section B), Tenkes Kupa, Hungary

Copyright David Cohen 2000-10.


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