Dalia Kagramanov

Photo: copyright 2010 by Dalia Kagramanov.

Dalia has been a part of the rising female Juniors for quite some time now and she is turning 17 later this year. Dalia will be playing 5th board on the team. Having coached Dalia in recent times, I know her quite well. She is a tactical player who is quite inconsistent (in the both good and the bad). Much like Liza, Dalia has won almost every female youth tournament imaginable in Canada. This will be her first real test on the world stage, aside from WYCCs which to put it truthfully, just do not compare. The comfort of her older sister will probably make the situation easier for Dalia to adapt to. The idea of having siblings on the team represents something I have never seen in Canada before. Is this the first time ever? (comments would be appreciated) In Canadian chess, the two sisters have often been mixed up with each other, with Dalia being called Dina in recent times. With some hard work over the next few years, Dalia can surely reach one of the higher boards on the team.

  • 2010 Selected Canada’s Olympiad Women’s Team
  • 2009 Canadian Girls Under-16 Champion
  • 2008 Canadian Girls Under-16 Champion
  • 2006 Ontario Girls Under-14 Champion
  • 2005 1st place, Ontario Girls Grade 6 Championship
  • 2005 1st place, Ontario Girls Under-12 Championship
  • 2003 Ontario Girls Grade 4 Champion

Copyright David Cohen 2000-10.



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