Nikolay Noritsyn

Photo: copyright 2008 by Nikolay Noritsyn.

Nikolay is turning 19 this year, and is the youngest player on the National team.. He will be playing on fifth board for the team, just like he did in 2008 where he had a solid effort. I feel that a lot of Nikolay’s potential has not been fulfilled due to his lack of exposure to the international arena. Much like Artiom, Nikolay plays a lot. But all of these tournaments are local. I have not seen Nikolay leave our borders since the last Olympiad. The Olympiad will be another step in the right direction in terms of experience. Fun fact: Nikolay is the only player on the team who has ever won a Canadian Closed. He shows to be cool under pressure time after time. Nikolay and Artiom will have to be our “collectors” on the bottom boards. The good that has come out of all of the local events that they play is that they know how to consistently beat weaker players with both colours. It in not always an easy art to beat a 2200 or 2300 with the black pieces. Those games can at times be decisive in team matches. Nikolay seemed a bit nervous in 2008, it being his first Olympiad. Everybody is nervous their first time around. I drew a 2000 level player in my my first game at my debut Olympiad. This time around promises a more veteran like Nikolay, who is now one of the three players on the team with previous Olympic experience. Below are some of Nikolay’s achievements.

  • 2010 Selected Canada’s Olympiad National Team
  • 2008 Represented Canada at Olympiad
  • 2008 Toronto Closed Champion with perfect score (9/9)
  • 2007 Canadian Chess Player of the Year
  • 2007 International Master
  • 2007 Canadian Champion at age 16, second youngest ever
  • 2006 Toronto Grand Prix Champion
  • 2006 Toronto Open Champion
  • 2005 Toronto Grand Prix Champion
  • 2003 Canadian Under 12 Champion
  • 2003 Ontario Under 12 Champion
  • 2003 Ontario Grade 6 Champion
  • 2002 Ontario Under 12 Champion
  • 2002 Ontario Grade 5 Champion

Copyright David Cohen 2000-10.


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