Day of Arrival

The Peng family was nice enough to give me a ride to Windsor. They have two daughters competing at the CYCC. Janet is playing in the under 10 girls section, and Jackie will be the favourite in the under 12 section. Happy birthday Janet! It is great to see such a nice family being involved in Canadian chess.

The tournament is taking place at the luxurious Hilton in Windsor. Upon arriving to Windsor, I went to check out the Arbiters meeting, led by International Arbiter Patrick McDonald. The main organizer of the event is John Coleman who is doing a terrific job all around. A lot of volunteer arbiters are present, as well as Zeljka from Monroi. I quickly escaped after the talk got into technicalities involving the clocks. The hotel is located directly on the river front, across from Detroit. A really beautiful location for the event. I assume that it is in the heart of downtown Windsor.

The competition begins tomorrow following the opening ceremony, which will have the mayor of Windsor. The star of the field is IM Eric Hansen in the under 18 section. With two rounds a day, anything can happen. The CYCC will decide on who qualifies to go to the WYCC in Greece later this year. The tournament website is and you can follow the games at .

I will be posting more throughout the event, including pictures (which have really been lacking on my blog!). Comments are always appreciated.


One Response to Day of Arrival

  1. Bob Armstrong says:

    Hi Mark:

    Enjoying your blog.

    Wonderful to see you allotting some time in your busy schedule for chess promotion, especially among juniors. Hope you have a great time in Windsor.


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