Lecture at the Annex Chess Club

I thought that I might as well do a bit of self-advertising when I have a chance. The Annex Chess Club is a new chess club that is opening in downtown Toronto, at the Bathurst and Bloor area. You can find their website at http://annexchessclub.com/

The club has great hopes and Ted Winick, who I know personally, is the man in charge. It is very likely that this club will become the most popular one in Toronto in the near future. The location is very convenient and there are good people in charge of organizing their events.

Their Grand Opening will be this Monday, October 18th. I will be doing a lecture at 7.30pm. I will just copy-paste what is advertised at the site:

GM Mark Bluvshtein lecture will feature:

  • Extended discussion of his recent Olympiad experience.
  • Analysis of the game in which he defeated former World Champion GM Veselin Topalov, knocking him from 2nd to 3rd in world rankings.
  • Extended analysis of his exciting game from the last round of the recent Olympiad against GM Nikola Djukic where Mark sacrificed his Queen, then an exchange, then a knight to ultimately reach a won endgame.
  • Discussion of what lies ahead in Mark’s career, including his participation in “The Wimbledon” of chess at the Corus tournament in Wijk aan Zee, the Netherlands in January of 2011.

It should be a good one. It will be my first lecture during my year of professional chess. I have no idea when the next one will be. It might be a rare opportunity to catch me in town. I hope all of you can come and make the event a special one!


2 Responses to Lecture at the Annex Chess Club

  1. ed says:

    Hello Mark,

    Are you in this years Wijk Van Zee tournament?

    The site has appeared to drop you.

    Or is this a different tounament entirely?


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