What’s To Come

I arrived to Brussels today. I will be spending the next week here until I go to play in Moscow for the Aeroflot Open. I will start annotating my games from the event tomorrow. You can expect 13 very hard fought games. A lot of blood was shed in the C-group, with very few draws. I will also provide a play by play of how the players were treated. This was the best organized chess tournament I have ever attended. The whole organizing committee needs to get credit for that.

The tournament report will also have a lighter side, including Holland against The World soccer matches which had some world-class chess names, including the world’s highest rated player.

Congratulations to Hikaru Nakamura for winning the A-group! Hikaru will annotate a game for my blog. I hope to have that game posted on here by the end of February.

I would also like to thank everybody for their support throughout this very long event. It’s always nice to read your positive comments.


2 Responses to What’s To Come

  1. aaron says:

    Great job. I watched the daily videos on the official website – the off days ‘soccer matches’ looked like a lot of fun.

    i read that navara and mcshane get promoted to the A group next year. does the same happen to the winner of the C group?

  2. The winner of the C group is promoted to the B group. They made an exception for the B group by also promoting Navara after he got second place on tiebreak.

    More to come on the soccer…

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