I arrived to Moscow yesterday afternoon. I had the pleasure to have dinner with relatives that I have not seen in a few years. I was feeling tired after traveling from Brussels as I went to sleep. I feel very energized after a 12 hour hibernation.

You can follow the action of the 2011 Aeroflot Open here. The Opening Ceremony takes place tonight. The first round takes place tomorrow at 3pm, Moscow time. I am going to meet up with Thomas Roussel-Roozmon later today. I have not seen Canada’s newest Grandmaster since he had achieved the title at the Olympiad.

My coverage of Wijk aan Zee is not fully over just yet. To come are game analysis from Hikaru Nakamura, photos, and a summary of the event. All of these features will come after I am back home.

I would recommend people to check out Jon Ludvig Hammer’s Blog. Hammer always writes in an entertaining fashion, the same way he is in real life.

Time for an exciting tournament. It’s going to be 9 rounds of top level competition!


One Response to Moscow

  1. Fred McKim says:

    Mark: Best wishes to both you and Thomas. Back home, we’ll be watching your games (if we can) as always !!

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