February 28th Lecture

On February 28th I gave a lecture at the Annex Chess Club (ACC). Over 40 people attended. You can find ACC’s summary of the lecture on their site. Members of the club voted on the games they wanted to see. I analyzed my two wins against GM Ivanisevic and FM Nikolaidis.

Photos: copyright 2011 by David Cohen.

As obvious as it might sound, lectures are a completely different experience for the lecturer and the audience. The audience relies on the lecturer to present quality material with energy. The lecturer relies on the audience to stay attentive and participate. The crowd at the ACC was a great one. There were players of all ages. The audience was very engaged throughout the lecture and asked many good questions. This two way interaction was great and made the atmosphere a great one.

I have been playing and studying a lot in my professional year of chess. Everything has been very intense. It has been stressful at times. This lecture was a lot of fun. It was great to be in an environment where everybody was enjoying themselves because of the game of chess. It was great to see chess in such a fun and relaxed setting. It was refreshing.


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