Off to Mexico

It’s snowing outside of my window in Toronto. Perfect time to go away for another tournament. This time it will be the American Continental Chess Championship, in Toluca, Mexico. The tournament has been put together in the last minute, since it was originally planned to take place in September. With the change of the World Cup cycle, it had to move to a much earlier date.

I have not found an official tournament website. Not sure if games will be broadcast. There should be about 20 players over 2500 in the solid event. The tournament starts on the 19th and ends on the 24th. Nine rounds in six days. I am flying out tomorrow.

Since I got back I have done a lot of work on my own. I have also  been working a lot with NM Liam Henry, a good friend of mine, as my second. This included a lot of work on all stages of the game. I have also done some work with IM Igor Zugic, who (still) promises to play in a tournament or two in 2011. Thanks to both for the help.

I haven’t played in a tournament in 2 months now. The hunger is back. Working on chess is different from actually playing chess. Simuls and lectures are interesting but in a different way. Time to do what I love most about chess: the competition. It’s time!


2 Responses to Off to Mexico

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  2. Fred McKim says:

    Congratulations on finishing tied for 1st !! Great last round game..

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