From Toluca

Just a quick update. I’m very happy to announce a four way tie for first at the Continental Championships in Toluca. I got second place on tiebreak! You can check out the tournament website for now. Some of the games are entered inaccurately. There are no final results online yet.

More to come when I’m home…


6 Responses to From Toluca

  1. Fred McKim says:

    Well done, Mark !! Nice last round win ! Good luck in Cuba.

  2. Привет Марк! Дима Степа и Надя из Москвы в полном восторге от твоей победы – ты победитель!!!

  3. elio says:

    Congrats! Great performance in a very strong tournament. It is really sad that the official website does not show the winner yet (Monday April 25, 10:20 AM ET) and that the games broadcast was so irregular to say the least.

    GM Bluvshtein ran with some luck too because he didnt have to face Bruzon or Quesada, but in these types of tournaments luck is also an important factor and his qualification for the world cup is all deserved.

  4. Maya Katz says:

    Congratulations Mark! Maya and Alex , your cousins from Worcester, MA.

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