What Happened This Weekend

As previously advertised, there was a segment of about me on Global News on Friday night. It has received a lot of positive feedback. The audience for the show is supposed to be well over a million viewers! If you missed it, you can watch it here. Enjoy!

I was a Guest of Honour at the Second Annual Chess in the Library Festival, which took place yesterday afternoon. It was a very enjoyable event all around, with the highlight being a four round Swiss event. The organization is run by student volunteers and is expanding rapidly thanks to the commitment of the people involved. Everything about the festival was well done and the turnout was well over 100 people. I would recommend to check out CITL’s site, as well as Yuanling’s Blog. Yuanling is the Founder and President of the program. There should be material about the festival coming on those sites soon.

Chess in the Library is the most positive chess program I have seen in Canada. Everything that CITL does is free to the players, just as yesterday’s tournament was. They are popularizing chess and are also making it enjoyable. Please check out their Sponsors Page and think about donating and making a difference. All of their volunteers are passionate about the game of chess and they let their actions do the talking. I encourage you to check out their program in one of their many locations.


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