Tournament Schedule

August 20 – August 29, 2010: Sants Open, Barcelona

September 2 – September 5, 2010: LGA Premium Cup, Nuremberg

September 19 – October 4, 2010: Chess Olympiad, Khanty-Mansiysk

October 23 – October 31, 2010: Corsica Masters, Bastia

December 20 – December 30, 2010: Groningen Chess Festival, Groningen

January 14 – January 30, 2011: Tata Steel Chess Group C, Wijk Ann Zee

February 7-February 17, 2011: Aeroflot Open, Moscow

April 19-April 24, 2011: Continental Championships, Toluca

May 10-May 21, 2011: Capablanca Memorial, Havana

May 27-June 4, 2011: Israeli League, Israel

June 30-July 4, 2011: World Open, Philadephia

July 9-July 17, 2011: Canadian Open, Toronto

August 26-September 21, 2011: World Cup, Khanty-Mansiysk


3 Responses to Tournament Schedule

  1. Gisbert Jacoby says:

    Hi Mark, I lost your e-mail wih the photographs. Please sent again!

  2. Rob Brown says:

    I’m pleased to find your blog with the help of Chess Vibes, Mark. I’ve been a big fan of your swashbuckling chess for a few years now. Congratulations on your fine performance at Groningen. After the first round set you set a torrid pace to arrive tied for first. I look forward to Hoogovens and especially to your game with Vocaturo, whose sharp style reminds of yours. Good luck. Rob Brown

  3. Doug Sly says:

    Good luck in Toluca! Hope your training has been going well. Must be hard to find capable sparring partners. Will be following along on ICC or TWIC assuming they give the games. Please let me know if you hear if Aeroflot 2012 is a definite go or not. Some rumours that it is done, like too many famous tournaments lately.
    I have my little challenge coming up at the Grand Pacific next week in Victoria. Doug Sly

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